Stem Cell Science May Help You Live Longer

Stem cell treatments and therapies have been some of the most important scientific breakthroughs in modern times. In fact, many scientists have observed that they may represent the next medical revolution. What is perhaps even more interesting is that due to changes in both technology and legislation, this sector is now being privatised. Companies are making fascinating breakthroughs each and every year. How is it thought that stem cells can help prolong our lives?

Cancer Treatment Alternatives

There are certain cancers which corrupt the bone marrow and can easily spread throughout the body. In the past, the ultimate prognosis was poor. Stem cells can now be placed within this same marrow, specialise and replicate. This could be a potential cure for several diseases in the future.

Anti-Aging Properties

The public has taken a great deal of interest in the anti-aging benefits that stem cells seem to promise. As we age, cellular division slows down and the genetic material within these cells can mutate (leading to illness, disease and eventually death). With the use of stem cells, this process can be slowed down (and some claim even halted entirely). There are even serums that can be injected into the skin. As these become more efficient, we may begin to see ways to stay younger looking for longer. This is a welcome alternative to invasive surgery, chemicals and similar invasive treatments. Is this the veritable fountain of youth? Time will tell.It should be stressed that many of the predictions that have been made will take a good amount of time to enter into public use. There is a significant amount of testing that needs to take place in order to determine the safety and efficacy of such options. Still, the future looks bright for this medical sector and in the not-so-distant future, what seems like science fiction could quickly become science fact.