Maintaining health – balance for life and career

Your health and well-being, both physical and psychological, has an impact on every aspect of your life. Personal relationships and career success can all depend on your health and mental state. Finding the right balance between your career, family and free time will help make your life the fulfilling experience it should be.

How does health affect careers?

There are many professions where peak physical fitness is needed. Mental health can be just as important. Whether you are the CEO of a company or a professional poker player, keeping the mind sharp is vital. While it may not be as important to have a super physique for a company director or CEO, keeping fit has been proven to help keep the mind in good shape too. Working out, keeping fit and participating in sports can help combat stress and elevate the mood. There are many ways that poor health can impact work. While it’s not a physical occupation, playing poker requires a sharp mind and quick wits. An unhealthy, out of shape body is likely to dull the mind. Playing against other players when not in the best of health can lead to issues. Poker ’tilt’ can occur if you enter the poker game with other things playing on your mind or you have physical issues. There are a number of things that you can do to stop poker tilt. All sports players, from professional football players to golf pros, know that a healthy physique and good state of mind is the best combination for a winner. Maintaining physical fitness helps them to keep up with the demands of their sport. Mental health and well-being is just as important; confidence and mental stamina will help keep an athlete positive and motivated. Keeping a positive and healthy attitude is essential for team players; if one member of the team is struggling it can affect the rest of the team.